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Developing Clean Energy Sources From a Sea of Opportunity    

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Seanic View was founded in 2000 to investigate and help develop clean energy technologies.  But 20+ years of running the alternative energy website CommuteFasterEnergy taught me few inventors have any business knowledge, much less sufficient capital to get their great ideas to market and into the hands of the consumers who need them.
We further learned that the involvement of government and politics does more to inhibit innovation than help it.
Seanic View continues its close observation of clean energy innovation, but we are now equally concerned to help young upstart business with growth and assistance tools to get more accomplished at lower cost.  Good ideas and great intentions become lost and worthless if not managed wisely and protected all the way.
Our affiliate links can enable startups to navigate with the power and speed of mega-corporations by going around obstacles like long waits at airports just to name one affiliate, Villiers jet charter.
We work with outside inventors as well as our own. 

Our emphasis is on Research & Development.  Look at anything you enjoy today, then ask who paid for the R&D to bring it into existence? Without R&D we have no future.  We are US based and believe in our own local skills to bring the US economy back to what it once was, the technology leader of the world.

Seanic View was founded in 2000 by Ken Rasmussen.  Operations are led by his 11 years of aerospace R&D experience along with 6 years in the financial securities industry.  We are a private corporation based in Las Vegas, NV.
Personal views of Seanic View's president and CEO regarding business, politics, health and religion can be found on GAB.


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