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Seanic View investigates and helps develop clean energy technologies.  We work with outside inventors as well as our own. 

Seanic View only uses seasoned engineers and technicians who have experience reviewing all aspects of a project in order to not only seek state of the art performance, but make it a safe and reliable product before it reaches the market.  Our engineers, physicists and technicians also have a track record of nudging the edge of physics with results that work under extreme conditions.

Clean energy production and extremely efficient utilization are our top priorities.  Many technologies are on the drawing boards.  But only moderately efficient solar and wind seem to have obtained the development capital to thus far reach the public.  We urge those with similar goals of taking clean energy to the next step of implementation to consider investment with us.  Hobbyists may prove a simple principal in the garage, but it takes a team of engineers like ours to bring a safe, proven technology to market.

Our emphasis is on R&D.  Look at anything you enjoy today, then ask who paid for the R&D to bring it into existence? Without R&D we have no future.  Japan knew that in the 70's and 80's and easily overtook the US auto industry.  China is doing it to America again.  We are US based and believe in our own local skills to bring the US economy back to what it once was, the technology leader of the world.

Seanic View was founded in 2000 by Ken Rasmussen.  Operations are led by his 11 years of aerospace R&D experience along with 6 years in the financial securities industry.  We are a private corporation based in Las Vegas, NV.

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